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Welcome to Asonda Dropshipping

Welcome to Asonda's Personal Computer (PC) Dropshipper Website - designed to provide a service to our approved PC and accessory resellers.

 Previously Comspec Dropshipping


Comspec PC Dropshipping - Affordable Quality !!
  • Only quality branded PC components used

  • All PC's are tested for a full 24-hours prior to despatch

  • Full technical support and lifetime email support

  • £30 registration fee for lifetime membership (One Off! No Monthly Fee)

  • No stocking problems, as our PC's are built in-house

  • Shipping Included in the prices, (Exc PC's)

We offer only the best quality branded goods, at the best possible trade prices we can offer. Please remember that this site is TRADE ONLY, and all resellers/traders must be registered with us before any orders can be accepted.

Register now with Comspec PC Dropshipping

Our dropshipping service is aimed at those who have an e-commerce website, or who trade on-line via Ebay, Amason etc. We offer a full range of custom built PCs, laptops, accessories and components backed up with a full support package for you and your customers.

Simply advertise our products on your website, or on auctions, etc, then order from us when you receive an order from your customers. Give us the delivery details and email us whatever documents you wish your customer to receive and we will sort the rest out for you.

We aim to provide you with the best possible service and will happily take on board any feedback from yourselves (or from your customers via yourselves). The business model is designed to be completely dynamic, and we can therefore 'tweak' it to provide you with a service suitable for today's on-line market.

Why not ask us for a custom quotation?  We will happily provide one.

All of our PCs are built to order, and use only the best quality components. We also run a full 24-hour test on the completed machines prior to despatch. Whilst we have standard specifications shown on our site, we will happily quote for any customised solutions necessary.

Please note - the prices displayed on this site are our RRP (Recommended Retail Price) and all approved resellers will be given a voucher code which entitles them to a set discount off this displayed price. If you wish to know the likely discount percentage, please email us for details.

REGISTER NOW for access to our product range. Registration costs £30 (a one-off administration fee), further lifetime use of our service is free, and we charge only cost price for post and packaging using either Royal Mail, Fedex or Citylink couriers. The registration fee is refundable immediately after you make your first 'full package' sale, or 4 non-package sales, whichever comes first.

If any end-users happen to be browsing this site and want details on where to purchase one of our systems for themselves, please email us with your address and we will pass it on to one of our approved resellers who will service your order.

Don't forget to visit our new Reseller Tips/Links page for useful information to assist you in running your business

Do you want your own fully loaded site

You will notice that a lot of our PC's now use higher specification Power Supplies. We know by the number of lesser quality PC's we get into our repair shop on a daily basis that PSU's are a very important component both for cooling the machine properly, and for providing a reliable and steady source of power to the internal components. We have taken the decision to include only high quality power supplies in our systems, which we feel will benefit the customer in the long run both in terms of lifespan and of damage limitation in the event of power surges, etc.

If we do not have an item shown on our site, please contact us by email for a price.  We have, through our distributors, access to a wide range of products not included on our stock list. 

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